We have many jacking and skating systems developed to meet individual requirements

This section covers the equipment used to carry article that is high and is required to be carried low to the ground. This may include vessels, tanks, boilers or wind towers

Rex J Andrews has moved from 2T pumps to 240T Reclaimer components, Our team has experience in access to underground operations and handling of steep inclines. The sucessful completion of tasks is aided by in depth job planning and hazard assesments. With our online OH&S system we can access information on equipment and personel around the world

This table lists our standard or most used equipment. More than 70% of the fleet is made up of equipment made after 2000. Some equipment is used together, as dollys and jinkers are normally operated together and dollys and low loaders are operated together. Most of our equipment was built for a clients specific needs, with a fleet of more than 300 specialised trucks, trailers, transporters and cranes, we either have or will build a transport solution for you.

Rex J Andrews has transported many items of plant and equipment, we can transport from simple deck loaded items to complex items that require significant preperation

Girders and long loads are normally transported on dollys and jinkers. We operate a fleet of dollys and jinkers to allow clients to schedule many deliveries at once

We have a large fleet of equipment for transportation of wind farm components. We have moved more than 1100 wind power generators in Australia and overseas, totaling more than 9800 loads at over 300,000 tonnes.

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We have transported HV Transformers and power generation and distribution components across Australia and beyond. We can transport, store and place your transformer and accessories