Rex J Andrews is committed to ensuring we conduct our activities in a manner that will protect the Occupational Health and Safety of our employees and contractors, and the public.

Our HSEQ management processes fully integrate Health, Safety Environment and Quality into all aspects of our business, where our culture is recognized as a model by industry and stakeholders, resulting in a workplace free of incidents.

Rex J Andrews will:

  • Maintain a strong integrated Health, Safety Environmental Quality Management System to identify and manage risks;
  • Accept responsibility and accountability for providing leadership, visible commitment, and direction to meet our HSEQ performance targets;
  • Continuously evaluate and improve policies and operating practices;
  • Integrate HSEQ into business objectives;
  • Provide every employee and contractor with a safe and healthy workplace;
  • Make a positive contribution to the protection of the environment and seek improvements in the efficient use of natural resources;
  • Respond promptly, responsibly and effectively to emergencies;
  • Focus on continual improvement of HSEQ performance;
  • Ensure open and timely HSEQ communication with all stakeholders;
  • Ensure the resources necessary to support this policy are provided.

Our company is privileged to be recognised as an industry leader in Engineered Transportation we take our HSEQ responsibilities seriously and believe they are fundamental in the provision of the products and services we provide to our customers.

Rex J Andrews understands that transparency and collaboration with our workers, contractors and customers is essential to meet and exceed our HSEQ responsibilities.

You can be confident that our core values will ensure the services we offer are aimed at providing your business with positive outcomes which are underpinned by a strong safety culture.

PO Box 271, Penrith NSW Australia 2751
32-36 Lugard St Penrith NSW 2750
Ph: 02 4721 7633
Em: sydney@rja.com.au

PO Box 6072, Burton SA 5110
103-105 Helps Rd Burton SA 5110
Ph: 08 8280 5541
Em: adelaide@rja.com.au

Po Box 271 Penrith NSW 2751
16 Yilen Place, Beresfield NSW 2322
Ph: 02 4721 7633
Em: newcastle@rja.com.au

PO Box 271, Penrith NSW Australia 2751
219 Portland-Nelson Rd, Portland VIC
Ph: 02 4721 7633
Em: sydney@rja.com.au

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