Boco Rock Wind Farm is located 10km south west of Nimmitabel, and 30km north of Bombala, in NSW.  

The Windfarm consists of 67 GE 1.7MW units

Rex J Andrews completed the discharge, storage and delivery of all major components to the windfarm. The windfarm was discharged and stored at Eden NSW. All components were transported to Boco Rock some 1000m up from Eden


boco2  boco7

The Discharge was done using the extending platform trailers, two trailers were used as they had to be reversed all the way onto the wharf (300m) as they could not turn on the wharf

boco4 boco5

Cranage at Eden Hardstand storage was completed with the Hyster RS45 "Twins", again proving their worth. The Reachstackers operated well on the hardstand surface. 


Weather conditions were at times difficult, freezing diesel tanks solid.

 Rex J Andrews engineering division completed the design and manufacture of tower lifting adapters and spreader bars for many lifts. 

boco6 boco11 boco10

 The following adapter was designed, tested and delivered within 4 days. the bar was made up of components of less than 200kg each

boco8 boco9

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