Burrinjuck Dam Hydro-Electric Upgrading Project 2000

Scope of Work

The removal of two 38T transformers


Installation of old transformer in 1939 (by others)


Removal of old transformers in 1999

The transport and placing of one 42.5T transformer from Rocklea Qld to the switchyard at Burrinjuck Dam


Ramp on install of new transformer, 2000


Service road on approach to switchyard, 2000


Skating new transformer out of beams in switchyard, 2000 

Transport of all generator and turbine equipment from Wollongong wharves to Burrinjuck Dam wall


Turbine Housing, 1999

Transport required the use of a temporary bridge to span the existing wooden bridges for loads heavier than 44 Tonnes. This was achieved by using the 917 series tank transporter with special self loading and unloading legs. The bridge has a 14.5m span inside to inside and 3.6m wide opening

The operating photos for the bridge are shown below





Shown below is the largest and heaviest item to be transported to the dam wall


The stator housing/winding measuring 6.0m x 5.4m x 3.2m and 39.8T

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