Rex J Andrews Pty Ltd (RJA) was formed in 1989.  The family owned and operated company operates its equipment from Sydney, Adelaide, Newcastle NSW and Portland VIC.

Our aim is to provide a high quality transport service to our customers around Australia and beyond. This quality service is achieved using innovative specialised equipment and competent operators to manage the successful completion of projects.

Rex J. Andrews Pty Ltd is capable of transporting loads ranging from standard semi trailers to large and heavy loads requiring complex multi articulated equipment. We can offer services beyond transport including loading, unloading, storing and placing articles using cranes, lifting systems, jacks and skates. We also design and manufacture equipment specific to a customers transit needs.

Rex J Andrews Pty Ltd operates a fleet of Prime Movers, Trailers, Cranes and Jacking and weighing equipment. Rex J Andrews Pty Ltd is accredited on both the NHVAS and WAHVA systems. Our equipment is subjected to documented maintenance schedules, and serviced at our own facilities by our service staff.

In project work to date Rex J Andrews Pty Ltd has moved over 1000 Wind Turbines / Power Plants, 3000 T-Roth Concrete Girders and 50 HV Transformers over 200MVA.

Rex J Andrews Pty Ltd is headquartered in Penrith near Sydney.

In its quest of quality, the company has established, implemented and maintained a management system that is certified to be in conformance with the requirements of ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 and AS4801 standards.

Scope and Cover

This site is intended to cover the following companies:

Rex J Andrews Pty Ltd  ABN 27 033 839 718 "Transport and Project Management Provider"
Brystock Industries Pty Ltd  ABN 65 003 464 837 "Construction and Maintenance of Equipment"
Marex Industries Pty Ltd  ABN 34 120 301 831 "Fleet Provider, trucks, cranes"
Diamondt Investments Pty Ltd  ABN 84 149 975 342 "Property"
CWH Industries Pty Ltd  ABN 42 001 723 164 "Manufacturing"

Any reference to Rex J Andrews Pty Ltd, Rex J Andrews, Rex Andrews can be taken to imply covering any of the above mentioned companies.

This site covers the management system for Rex J Andrews for the following scope:

“Marketing and delivery of transport solutions covering standard semi-trailers to large and heavy loads requiring articulated equipment."

"Services that include loading, unloading, storing and placing articles using cranes, lifting systems, jacking and skates."

"Design and manufacture of equipment specific to customer transit needs.”


The site represents the master document/system for Quality Health Safety and Environmental (QHSE) Management.

This revision table represents major changes within the system, minor changes are listed on the revision number at the bottom of the procedure.

Issue No. Section No. Revision No. Date Issued Changes Made
A All 1 1/1/2014 Original Online system
 A All  20/10/2014  Menu Modifications 
 A All  23/5/2015  CMS Upgrade, QHSE integrated to main site 

Table 1. Site Revisions - Issued by our QHSE Manager


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