• Familiarise yourself with Rex J Andrews Quality, Health & Safety and Environment Policies and Procedures to ensure you are aware of your personal responsibility for workplace quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE) within your area of delegated authority.

  • Ensure that the work for which you are responsible is carried out in accordance with the QHSE risk management procedures to safeguard the health, safety and wellbeing of those involved and others who may be affected.

  • Demonstrate active and visible leadership in QHSE risk management. Identify hazards or QHSE risks associated with different jobs, tasks and projects and assess the risks to the health and safety of those involved. Conduct this risk identification and assessment in consultation with those involved or affected.

  • Implement suitable risk controls within agreed timeframes. These may include competency based training, adequate supervision and adoption of safe operating procedures. Choose these risk controls in consultation with those involved or affected.

  • Inform staff and contractors of QHSE requirements and expectations, directing them to relevant information and risk control resources available. This may include local QHSE induction (refer to the SOP's), on-the-job instruction and specific QHSE training.

  • Promptly address QHSE issues that are brought to your attention in consultation with those involved or affected.

  • Refer QHSE issues that are beyond your control to the relevant manager(s) for their attention, but ensure that interim action is taken to reduce the risks in a practical way.

  • Investigate incidents, seeking to identify the causes and take steps to prevent recurrence.

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