Rex J Andrews Pty Limited was formed in 1989. the family owned and operated company operates its equipment from Sydney, Adelaide, Newcastle NSW and Portland VIC.

Our aim is to provide a high quality transport service to our customers around Australia and beyond. This quality service is achieved using innovative specialised equipment and competent operators to manage the successful completion of projects.

Rex J. Andrews Pty Ltd is capable of transporting loads ranging from standard semi trailers to large and heavy loads requiring complex multi articulated equipment. We can offer services beyond transport including loading, unloading, storing and placing articles using cranes, lifting systems, jacks and skates. We also design and manufacture equipment specific to a customers transit needs.

Rex J Andrews has a comitment to Quality, Safety and the Environment and as such has acheived compliance to ISO9001 AS4801 and ISO14001. We also hold Acreditations in National Heavy Vehicle Acreditation Scheme (NHVAS) and Western Australia Heavy Vehicle Acreditation (WAHVA)

Hazard and Fault reporting and online training can be completed on the Asset System (IPads)

Access to online documents and forms can be completed at QHSE on the menu above *Password Required, contact us for details or see your pay advice or remittance.

We are not common carriers, please be aware our Terms of Cartage of cartage.

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