Transport of storage vessels from Tomago NSW to Lang Lang Victoria (1200 km)

  • 4 x 180T Vessels 4.6m dia 46m long
  • 2 x 60T Vessels 4.6m dia 30m long

The vessels were transported using the 999 series platform trailer. The trailer is designed to carry tanks and other vessels lower to the ground. This allows larger diameter tanks to be carried than by conventional means

lpg storage03

lpg storage04

lpg storage01

Accurate hydraulic suspension over three zones ensures the vessel is never twisted or bent during the journey

lpg storage05

Moving vessels from manufacturing facility to the blasting and painting facility. Equipment used is the 960 Series platform trailer. The comparison in height can be seen between the two different methods. Obstructions enroute do not allow this method to be used

lpg storage08

Three prime movers (two pulling and one pushing) are used to haul the vessel and trailer once the GCM exceeds 150 Tonnes

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