The Big Merino "Rambo" is located at Goulburn NSW, the 15m high 97T concrete and steel structure was built in 1985 800 metres from where it is now at the southern freeway exit

Rex J Andrews took on the task of mustering Rambo to his new paddock on 26th May 2007. The scope included the removal of the existing columns to allow access for the transporter, Self loading of the structure, transport and alignment with the new foundations.

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Boco Rock Wind Farm is located 10km south west of Nimmitabel, and 30km north of Bombala, in NSW.  

The Windfarm consists of 67 GE 1.7MW units

Rex J Andrews completed the discharge, storage and delivery of all major components to the windfarm. The windfarm was discharged and stored at Eden NSW. All components were transported to Boco Rock some 1000m up from Eden


Rex J Andrews was approached during the construction of the new multi story Adelaide Airport car park to solve a vibration isolation problem.


The Vickers Vimy was used for the first offical flight from England to Australia, flown by Ross and Keneth Smith from Adelaide. It resides in a purpose built glass hanger at Adelaide Airport. 

Snowtown stage two about 190km North of Adelaide South Australia has 90 Siemens turbines utilising permanent magnet generators and direct drive technology. 

The 10 SWT 101 turbines have a hub height of 80m and a blade length of 49 m. The 80 SWT 108 turbines have a hub height of 80m and a blade length of 53m.


This project required the movement of one furnace module from Webb Dock, Melbourne to Coolaroo Melbourne, a distance of only 30km. The method chosen was to use the bookend method with purpose built bookends, this allowed the furnace to travel as close to the ground as possible, maximising the furnaces dimensions and volume. After 6 months of preperations the furnace was moved over two nights to its final location.web0287

Burrinjuck Dam Hydro-Electric Upgrading Project 2000

Scope of Work

The removal of two 38T transformers


The Lake Bonney Wind Farm is located approximately 16 kilometres south of Millicent, and 6 kilometres west of Tantanoola in South Australia.

This project included the transport of tower sections from Adelaide SA and Blades Nacelles and hubs from Melbourne VIC


Transport of storage vessels from Tomago NSW to Lang Lang Victoria (1200 km)

  • 4 x 180T Vessels 4.6m dia 46m long
  • 2 x 60T Vessels 4.6m dia 30m long

The vessels were transported using the 999 series platform trailer. The trailer is designed to carry tanks and other vessels lower to the ground. This allows larger diameter tanks to be carried than by conventional means

lpg storage03

Rex J Andrews P/L has transported over 5000 tonnes of structural steelwork to Kooragang Island terminals in the last 20 years. We have moved some single sections weighing more than 200 tonnes and hundreds of semi and extendable loads from all over Australia to the terminals.

The image below is if the SR2 Slew Deck entering Comorant Road (30m Long, 10m Wide and 15m High, 260 Tonnes Gross Weight) The Faun SLT-50 is towing a 14 line platform trailer