This section covers the equipment used to carry article that is high and is required to be carried low to the ground. This may include vessels, tanks, boilers or wind towers


Tank trailers can carry vessels very low to the ground by carring the vessel inside the trailer. Rex J Andrews has three types of Tank Trailers that can make five trailers at any time.

All the tank trailers used can steer from the rear to negotiate tight bends. Tank transporters are suitable for any load where the article is high, wide or requires support over its whole length. See the list below for possible combinations.

web0024 trailer1

These images are of the 917 80T tank trailer and a 2x8 dolly and 3x8 platform trailer combination. This Boiler for New World Steel was carried within 150mm of the ground.


Bookends allow for the lowest possible load height as the trailer is at each end of the vessel and not underneath it. Vessels that are carried this way must be structurally capable of supporting their own weight and the induced bending moment / shear loading combination of the bookend caused by the cantilever effect.Rex J Andrews has engineers available to assist in any analysis that mas be necessary to use this method. We also have moved multiple vessels at once using the bookend method, pioneering this technology in Australia.

The following photos show typical methods of attaching bookends to a load.

beamset4 beamset5 beamset6

Platform Trailers

Platform Trailers can carry extremely heavy loads within 800mm of the ground, some of our platform trailers can carry loads within 400mm of the ground in special beds designed for 100T payolad. Our platform trailers with their Australian designed and built industry leading suspension system can operate at over 24 lines of axles and load share with 750mm of suspension travel.

web0109 web0141 web0186 web0280


Beamsets can carry extremely heavy loads right on the ground by carrying the load in saddles or with the load supported in beams with a trailer at each end.

img 8432 web0261

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