Lachlan’s Line Pedestrian Bridge is the first of its kind in Australia, embracing an organic Double Helix design. Traversing 170m over the M2 & Delhi Road, connecting Macquarie Park & North Ryde station.

The Helix design varies in diameter the smallest being 5.5m to the widest point of 7.8m wide. It comprises of more than 3,600 unique steel plates.

Rex J Andrews Pty Ltd was commissioned to transport the segments of bridge by long-time client S&L, transporting the four segments from their temporary work site.

The platform trailers were configured to cater for the specifically designed anchor point towers to secure the uniquely shaped load.

The segments varied in weight from 21.3T to 49.7T & lifted into their final position by cranes on site.


Coutesy of S&L:

PO Box 271, Penrith NSW Australia 2751
32-36 Lugard St Penrith NSW 2750
Ph: 02 4721 7633

PO Box 6072, Burton SA 5110
103-105 Helps Rd Burton SA 5110
Ph: 08 8280 5541

Po Box 271 Penrith NSW 2751
16 Yilen Place, Beresfield NSW 2322
Ph: 02 4721 7633

PO Box 271, Penrith NSW Australia 2751
219 Portland-Nelson Rd, Portland VIC
Ph: 02 4721 7633

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